Pablo Software Solutions
20 May 2009
We provide collocation tower on Bandara Toll Road
(where belongs to PT. Jasa Marga) for PT. TelkomSel
20 June 2008
We cooperate with PT. NTS (Provide AXIS)
for tower on the elevated toll road where belongs to PT. CMNP
19 December 2007
Date, December 19th 2007, venue Operational office of Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada Sunter. Started at 2 pm with project presentation from CMNP's project leader, Mr Bambang Setiadi. Followed by short speech from Nusatel President Director, Mr. Lukman Hakim. At last,at 3 pm  CMNP's President Director, Mr Dady Hariadi announced officially the operation of fiber optic network along Cawang-Tanjung Priok-Pluit toll road.

Mr. Dady Hariadi also had video conversation with toll gate operator to proven the reliability of the network operated. He with all the distinguish guess also seight seeing real time on line CCTV traffic monitoring on wall screen. The network supported by SDH technolgy that can provide E-1 till STM-16 connection, with 19 POP at toll gate ready to use that  fast, scure, stable and quality guaranteed. All technology and network supported by Alcatel-Lucent.
Soft Launching Fiber Optic Network CMNP-Nusatel
07 December 2007
Our Fiber Optic Network is ready.
Good News! Our Fiber Optic Project along the toll road finally done on December 1st 2007. Thanks for all the efforts and hard work of the Project team, now Nusatel's fiber Optic is ready to use along Cawang - Tanjung Priok - Pluit II toll road.
Our main goal is to provide better and fastest highway communication for every company or buildings that needs our Assistants.
For further information, please contact us.
17 September 2007
Field Construction Started
Nusatel's fiber optic project along the toll road started field constraction today.
Alcatel-Lucent Indonesia as the main contractor, rolled it out  from Cawang intersaction. From Cawang they will move to Tanjung Priok then to Pluit . Deployment team work noon and night shift, consist of 3 teams each.
Before Lebaran, the civil constraction scheduled to be finish, and cable roll out schedule early november.
24 July 2007
Nusatel - Alcatel Lucent Partnership
Alcatel-Lucent Indonesia awarded contract by Nusatel to develop telecommunication infrastructure in Cawang-Tanjung Priok Pluit Toll Road. Contract scope include Out Side Plan(OSP) and In Side Plan (ISP).

Project will be started on Mid August 2007, and schedule to be finished by end of this year.
23 March 2007
Nusatel had officially assigned as the partner of
PT Citra Marga Nusaphala Persada to develop fiber optic infrastructure along jakarta Inner Ring Road (Cawang-Tanjung Priok-Pluit) for 32,5 km.